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Building the World: Transport | Paul Mason
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Model: 9781526311078
See the world from a whole new angle as amazing isometric artwork reveals the technology, science and engineering behind our world's infrastructure.   Discover in this book how transport helps us to travel around the world and the huge range of vehicles we use to move from place to place, from..
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Cat And Dog Learn About Needs And Wants
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Model: 9781644742792
Cat and Dog go to the grocery store. Cat wants to buy comic books, toys, candy, and more! But what are the things they really need? Read to find out how Cat and Dog learn the difference between what that want and what they really need.   Financial literacy topics covered in this book: • Nee..
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Cat And Dog Learn To Budget
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Model: 9781644742815
Financial Literacy for Kids   It’s never too early to start! Help set young learners on the path to becoming financially responsible with the stories in the Financial Literacy for Kids book series. With the help of loveable characters Cat and Dog, children will become familiar with financial l..
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Cat And Dog Start A Business
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Model: 9781644742808
Cat and Dog are having a fun summer! After their swim lessons and summer camp are over, they find themselves with some extra time before school starts. At the library one day, Cat finds a great book. Read about how Cat and Dog make a plan and start their own business.nnFinancial literacy topics cove..
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DS007T 冰雪奇緣2 造型貼畫 | 根華編輯部
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Model: 4714809835096
  ★塗塗畫畫是兒童表達自我的方式,不但可以強化小肌肉控制能力,更有助於啟發色彩創造力與想像力!   ◆冰雪奇緣2造型貼畫有9頁彩色頁與9頁著色頁,並附一張角色彩色貼紙。   以冰雪奇緣2為主題設計,能提高畫畫興趣,自由發揮色彩創意。   ★快來幫艾莎、安娜和雪寶畫上喜歡的顏色吧!..
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Everybody Have Sex With Everybody | 周顯
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Model: 9789887980773
原來羅馬尼亞人十分淫亂,不滿足於傳統的性行為,覺得太過單調。根據那位秘書的說法,她住在一幢住宅大廈,裏頭住客的關係是﹕「Everybody have sex with everybody.」白韻琴很多年前同我講,鬼人吃飯,習慣了AA 制,如果你請一個鬼妹食lobster,她成年以來,從來沒有男仔如此闊綽,請過她吃lobster,她會……白姐說得很精彩。教長說,伊斯蘭教雖然可以娶4個老婆,如果你為了貪圖女色,去娶她們,卻並不恰當。皆因這條規矩的形成,是當時太多戰士戰死了,很多女人嫁不出去,無依無靠,剩下的男人有需要多娶幾個老婆,照顧他們的生活。他說,所以,你必須抱著為了照顧她們,作為理由,才可以..
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Factivity: Amazing Human Body
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Model: 9780655217442
Take a journey inside your body in this awesome Factivity book.   Journey Around and Inside Your Amazing Body lets you learn about cells, navigate through a map of the human body, and explore under your skin!   Complete activities, puzzles, mazes and more on your exciting journey of disc..
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Fate/kaleid liner 魔法少女☆伊莉雅3rei!! (11)(Kadokawa Comics Boy Series) | ひろやまひろし, TYPE-MOON
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Model: 9789865241100
  兩人激戰到最後,擊退碧兒翠絲的伊莉雅終於和恩茲華斯家的掌門朱利安對上。   她因而得知恩茲華斯家受到詛咒的夙願。   本書特色     ★根據《月姬》的同人團體TYPE-MOON首款商業發行作品《Fate/stay night》的平行世界風格原創作品續篇。     ★依然借用了「Fate/stay night」的基本架構與登場角色,並以原作中的狂戰士主人伊莉雅為主角,故事則完全變成魔法少女風。     ★2013年推出改編動畫版本於日本播出。2017年推出動畫電影版。  ..
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GCSE Maths AQA Complete Revision & Practice: Foundation inc Online Ed, Videos & Quizzes
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Model: 9781782949978
The ultimate all-in-one guide to AQA GCSE Maths. This Foundation Level Complete Revision & Practice book is packed with concise, student-friendly explanations of every topic, all backed up with step-by-step examples and exam-style questions. We've even rounded off each section with mixed revision qu..
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Harry Potter - The Broom Collection and Other Artefacts from the Wizarding World | Warner Bros.
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Model: 9781526629302
From the sleek Nimbus 2000 to the speedy Firebolt, flying brooms are a beloved aspect of the Wizarding World. Harry Potter - The Broom Collection is a visual guide to the magical conveyances of the Harry Potter films, their makers, and of course, the characters who use them. Profiles of each broom f..
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HOTQ高階思維數學訓練 5下
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Model: 9789888707614
HOTQ 高階思維數學訓練 ( 一上至六下,共十二冊)   • 每冊設有 14 個練習及 4-7 個單元短測,幫助學生鞏固概念和温習重點   • 提供四種核心考試題型,包括選擇題、短答題、列式計算題和思考題   • 涵蓋 TSA & PreS1 公開考試內容,並包括高難度及答對率低於 60% 的題目   • 附答案及詳細題解,讓學生完全掌握解題策略..
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Model: 9789888580651
HOTQ 高階思維數學訓練 ( 一上至六下,共十二冊)   • 每冊設有 14 個練習及 4-7 個單元短測,幫助學生鞏固概念和温習重點   • 提供四種核心考試題型,包括選擇題、短答題、列式計算題和思考題   • 涵蓋 TSA & PreS1 公開考試內容,並包括高難度及答對率低於 60% 的題目   • 附答案及詳細題解,讓學生完全掌握解題策略..
HK$76.5 HK$85.0
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