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JumpStart English in One (P.2)

JumpStart English in One (P.2)
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JumpStart English in One (P.2)
(Primary 1-6, 6 volumes)
Focuses mainly on Listening and Reading, with Writing and Speaking tasks to supplement thematic practice
18/24 units and 2 assessments to boost students’ performance in the four language skills
Arranged in incremental spiral approach with 2 levels — Elementary and Advanced
Pre-listening Task guides students to prepare for listening
Listening strategy improves students’ listening comprehension skills
Allows direct access to the audio clips by scanning the QR codes
‘Different Ways to Say’ enriches students’ vocabulary and expressiveness
Reading strategy improves students’ reading comprehension skills
Writing and Speaking
Let’s Write and Let’s Speak provide writing/speaking topics to improve student understanding of the themes
Various writing and speech ideas provided via the QR codes
Reading across the Curriculum and STEAM topics to broaden student knowledge of different areas, including scientific and social issues
Includes challenging questions and ‘Tactic’ to help students tackle common types of question
Strategies for the 4 Skills and Word Bank provide useful and easy reference
出版社: 躍思教育出版社
國際書號: 9789888457397
出版年月: 2018-05
頁數: 52
圖書分類: 小學補充練習


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  • ISBN: 9789888457397