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Side-by-Side Mathematics Exercises (1A)

Side-by-Side Mathematics Exercises (1A)
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Side-by-Side Mathematics Exercises (1A)
1A/B 至 6A/B (共12冊)
This series is written in accordance with Mathematics Curriculum Guide (P1 - P6) and the recent format of the public exams. The whole series of the exercises comprises 12 volumes and is compatible with various publishers' textbooks.
Each exercise is divided into two sections: Foundation questions on the left pages and Public exam questions on the right pages (including Pre-S1 question format). Students may grasp both the course knowledge and the public exams' assessment content at the same time.
Public exam questions on the right pages are divided into Intermediate level and Advanced level according to difficulty. Some advanced level questions are accompanied by a QR code to access a similar question fashioned in the style of Pre-S1 with an exemplary solution.
Note highlights some key points of the course knowledge to facilitate students' revision and Exam Tips point to common mistakes students may make.
2 Tests and 1 Examination are included for comprehensive assessment on students' learning progress.
Primary 4 to 6 provide Analysis of Common Questions in Pre-S1 and Pre-S1 High Grade shot to enhance students' exam skills.
Brain training provides questions intended to examine students' thinking ability and improve their problem solving skills.
Warm-up Worksheets are designed according to the public exam question formats, which enable students to review the key learning points of previous years before doing the exercises.
Problem Solving Worksheets provide cross-topic problems and introduce related problem solving skills.
Answer key with detailed solutions and Glossary are attached for self-checking.
出版社: 樂思教育出版有限公司
國際書號: 9789888384327
出版年月: 2017-05
圖書分類: 小學補充練習


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  • ISBN: 9789888384327