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JumpStart English Reading with Exam Skills P1

JumpStart  English Reading with Exam Skills P1
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JumpStart English Reading with Exam Skills P1
(Primary 1-6,6 volumes)
Written in accordance with the latest Primary English curriculum
Engaging and informative passages with varied topics and text types to increase students’ familiarity with common reading texts in public examinations
Key exam skills are explained and practised in an effective and systematic way:
‘Reading Trial’ introduces the exam skill using a typical exam-type question
‘Exam Skill Revealed’ explains the exam skills in a clear and concise way
‘Try the Exam Skill’ illustrates the usage of the skill in a step-by-step manner
Specially designed comprehension exercises with ‘Use the exam skill!’ tip box to thoroughly instruct students on the presented exam skills
Mid-year and final assessments to evaluate students’ ability to apply the various exam skills
‘Quick Match’ connects the exam skills with the typical question types, and serves as a last-minute revision kit
Useful Vocabulary Index, arranged by theme and alphabetical order, provides the meanings of new words for easy reference
‘My Reading Speed Record’ helps students compare their own speed with the time constraints in actual examinations
出版社: 躍思教育出版社
國際書號: 9789888212392
出版年月: 2015-05
頁數: 58
圖書分類: 小學補充練習


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  • ISBN: 9789888212392