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JumpStart Grammar Goal(2A)

JumpStart Grammar Goal(2A)
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JumpStart Grammar Goal(2A)
(1A/B – 6A/B, 12 volumes)
JumpStart Grammar Goal is written in accordance with the latest Primary English curriculum. It provides a thorough grammar training that enhances students’ flexibility in approaching English and aids their communication in English.
Quick Check assesses students’ basic understanding of each grammar topic
Quick Grasp enables students to instantly understand grammar rules through clear and concise tables
Warm Up provides fundamental training to consolidate students’ grammar learning
Train Up consists of intensive and progressive exercises that strengthen students’ ability to cope with daily English usage
Sweet Advice aids students in tackling challenging questions and unfamiliar texts
Enrichment exercises expose students to a wide variety of contexts, situations and advanced question types
Cloze and Proofreading exercises enhance students’ grammar skills and assist them in making use of grammar knowledge
出版社: 躍思教育出版社
國際書號: 9789888333875
出版年月: 2016-05
圖書分類: 小學補充練習


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  • ISBN: 9789888333875