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JumpStart Daily Reading Buddy P2

JumpStart Daily Reading Buddy  P2
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JumpStart Daily Reading Buddy P2
(Primary 1-6, 6 volumes)
JumpStart Daily Reading Buddy is a 6-book series written in accordance with the latest Primary English curriculum. It aims to provide light and high-interest reading exercises for students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 to develop their reading habits and their comprehension skills.
Ready to read introduces reading skills in simple words with QR codes alongside that connect to concise explanatory PowerPoints
36 exercises, arranged in 12 themes, are structured in a systematic way:
Read the text provides level-appropriate reading passages with different topics and text types
Do your best contains abundant common question types in which various reading skills can be applied
Words with multiple meanings, Words with opposite meanings and Small word in big words, which are introduced every 3 units, expose students to a different dimension of learning vocabulary
How to read this text type illustrates a skilful way of reading specific major text types
Text types and reading skills overview outlines the distribution of text types and highlights the reading skills covered in each book
Word bank, arranged both in themes and in alphabetical order, provides the meanings of useful words for quick and easy reference
出版社: 躍思教育出版社
國際書號: 9789888334957
出版年月: 2017-05
圖書分類: 小學補充練習


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  • ISBN: 9789888334957