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Mathematics Skills Booster (6B)

Mathematics Skills Booster (6B)
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Mathematics Skills Booster (6B)
(1A/B – 6A/B,共12冊)
Arrangement of topics
Spiral learning is applied. Revision exercises for knowledge learnt in lower levels are provided in advance of learning new topics.
Question types
Calculation, observation and understanding are emphasized in order to enhance students’ ‘number sense’ and ‘sense of space’. Questions related to multiple topics are providedto train up students’ understanding and integration skills.
Design of assessments
2 All-round Boosters are provided to help students revise the mathematical concepts. A mock test is also provided as a summative assessment on students’ learning progress.
Splendid Olympiad Skills
Skills for solving questions in the Mathematical Olympiad level and other interesting mathematical questions are introduced with the supplement of exercises, so as to enhance students’ problem-solving skills and to raise their interest for learning.
出版社: 眾課堂
國際書號: 9789888161263
出版年月: 2012-11
頁數: 64
圖書分類: 小學補充練習


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  • ISBN: 9789888161263