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Book Yourself Solid, 3rd Edition | Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid, 3rd Edition | Michael Port
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Book Yourself Solid, 3rd Edition | Michael Port
Kick off the cycle of success with serious self-promotion that works Book Yourself Solid is a handbook for self-promotion that translates into results. We tend to think of "busy" as the equivalent of "successful" but that's not always the case. The key lies in what you're busy doing. Success means spending your time doing work that gets you closer to your goals, and the critical driving force behind that success is self-promotion. This book shows you how to promote more than just your skills you need to sell your reputation, your service, your very self. It starts with laying a foundation so potential clients know you can give them what they want and need. How do people see you, and how does that diverge from what you would like them to think? Once you know where you are, you can map out a plan for getting where you need to be, and this book shows you how to build the reputation you need to be the go-to person in your field and keep the business coming in long-term. Book Yourself Solid has been one of the most popular marketing books in the world for service-based businesses since its initial release in 2006.
This new third edition includes updated and expanded strategies, techniques, and skills to help you get more clients and increase your take-home profits. * Build a solid foundation for a stellar public image * Enhance your reputation for trust and credibility * Perfect your pitch and pricing to attract higher-caliber clients * Adopt the six core strategies that will keep you booked solid Spending just a small amount of time on self-promotion is an investment. You build a reputation that attracts high-quality clients, which boosts your profits, your track record, and your reputation, which in turn attracts even more high-quality clients. Book Yourself Solid shows you how to kick off this cycle of success, and maintain it for the long term.
作者/譯者/編者: Michael Port
國際書號: 9781119431220
出版年月: 2017-12
頁數: 336
開度: 157x226x24mm


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  • ISBN: 9781119431220
標籤: Michael Port , JOHN WILEY