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Teach Yourself to Sleep: An ex-insomniac`s guide | Kate Mikhail

Teach Yourself to Sleep: An ex-insomniac`s guide | Kate Mikhail
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Teach Yourself to Sleep: An ex-insomniac`s guide | Kate Mikhail
Are you suffering from chronic insomnia, an erratic sleep pattern or do you simply feel that your sleep isn't as deep and restorative as it should be? Then struggle no more. Teach Yourself to Sleep is the new, sustainable solution that you have been waiting for.
After decades of trying traditional methods to cure her poor sleep, the chance reading of a book by her great-great uncle, a pioneer in cognitive therapy and clinical hypnosis, led chronic insomniac Kate Mikhail to research the science of sleep and the mind-body loop, and develop the tried-and-tested methods that have finally enabled her to take control of her sleep and wake up feeling rested and energised.
In Teach Yourself to Sleep, Kate shares her approach, blending first-person experience with accessible sleep science and interviews with leading doctors, scientists and academics, as well as highly effective sleep 'scripts' provided exclusively for this book by sleep experts.
Teach Yourself to Sleep will help you to view sleep in a wider, deeper context by revealing that its quality is inseparably woven into the way you spend your day - not an add-on that comes out of nowhere as night descends. Considering sleep from every angle - from the role of biology-based self-talk in reinforcing better sleep habits, to fixing your sleep-wake cycle through the right balance of light and darkness, and when, what and how to eat for the best sleep possible - this book will help you to understand your sleep better and give you the tools to take control and finally begin to get the sleep you need.
作者/譯者/編者: Kate Mikhail
出版社: Little Brown
國際書號: 9780349428161
出版年月: 2021-07
頁數: 272
開度: 152x230x22mm


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  • ISBN: 9780349428161