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Wellbeing at Work | Jim Clifton

Wellbeing at Work | Jim Clifton
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Wellbeing at Work | Jim Clifton
The mental health pandemic manifests everywhere, not least in your workplace. As organizations around the world face health and social crises, as well as economic uncertainty, acknowledging and improving wellbeing in your workplace is more critical than ever. Increasingly, leaders and managers must support mental health and cultivate resilience in employees - not just increase engagement and performance. Based on more than 100 million Gallup global interviews, Wellbeing at Work shows you how to do just that. Coauthored by Gallup's CEO and its Chief Workplace Scientist, Wellbeing at Work explores the five key elements of wellbeing - career, social, financial, physical and community - and how organizations can help employees and teams thrive in those elements. The book also gives leaders ideas and action items to help employees use their innate talents and strengths to thrive in each of the wellbeing elements. And Wellbeing at Work introduces a metric to report a person's best possible life: Gallup Net Thriving, which will become the 'other stock price' for organizations. In a world where work and life are more blended than ever, maximizing employee wellbeing takes on greater urgency. Wellbeing at Work shows leaders how to create a thriving and resilient culture. If you and your leaders don't change the world, who will? Wellbeing at Work includes a unique code to take the CliftonStrengths assessment, which reveals your top five strengths.
作者/譯者/編者: Jim Clifton
出版社: Gallup Press
國際書號: 9781595622419
出版年月: 2021-05
頁數: 336
開度: 203x140x30.5mm


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  • ISBN: 9781595622419