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Gweimui’s Hong Kong Wet Markets | 張雪婷 (Christine Cappio)

Gweimui’s Hong Kong Wet Markets | 張雪婷 (Christine Cappio)
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Gweimui’s Hong Kong Wet Markets | 張雪婷 (Christine Cappio)
  Follow Christine to explore the wet markets in Hong Kong, appreciating their warm atmosphere and unique features plus getting a taste of French lifestyle.  
  Contrary to the general impression that wet markets are smelly, dirty, and slippery, Christine finds that they are actually fun places to walk around and shop.
  As a French lady, Christine’s learning experience has not been without disappointments, such as being overcharged, given old veggies or pushed to buy more. Nonetheless, in Hong Kong, most sellers are generally very kind. Like in France, vendors remember the preferences of their regular clients. _e kindness of many sellers help her overcome the fear of speaking Cantonese. They even take time to explain to her how to cook this and that. It is the warm atmosphere that she loves most.
  Christine finds it exciting to discover lots of new foodstuffs such as Chinese yam. She even discovers ingredients, such as lye water, a kind of alkaline solution that is not used in Western countries. Last but not least, this book helps us understand the real French lifestyle which often sounds so “elegant” and sometimes “mysterious” to most people, who are curious to know the answers to the following questions:
  Do French eat foie gras and escargots every day?
  Do they always have meals that last for ages?
  Do all French people have a wine cellar full of good bottles?
  … and a lot more.
  Be it foreigners or Chinese people, everybody can explore the wet markets and learn to appreciate their atmosphere and benefits. Using the English-Cantonese vocabulary list and the guide about market specificities, start your own journey right now!
  ‧ 講述自己在街市之親身體驗
  雖然Christine的婆婆警告她不要去街市,而丈夫則怕她會給街市的商販欺騙,諸如此類的障礙都不能減少Christine 探索街市的熱情,她積極學習用廣東話購物。此外,她不時遭遇失敗,但這些經驗反而成為她再勇於嘗試的動力,發掘街市更多有趣的特色。
  ‧ 比較法國香港街市之異同
  ‧ 淺談法國人的飲食和生活文化
  ‧ 提供實用參考資料
作者/譯者/編者: 張雪婷 (Christine Cappio)
出版社: 商務印書館
國際書號: 9789620705649
出版年月: 2019-07
頁數: 280
開度: 129x210mm


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  • ISBN: 9789620705649