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中國地瑰解讀:與地質愛好者一起探索 | 曾慶田

中國地瑰解讀:與地質愛好者一起探索 | 曾慶田
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中國地瑰解讀:與地質愛好者一起探索 | 曾慶田
This book introduces the general readers to the geological foundations of China and how the present day China has evolved since eons past. Much of these knowledge of Chinese geology have not received the attention they deserve from the general public. The author has condensed the relevant scientific information from public record into a readable format. This book will enhance the readers' appreciations of the wonderful landscapes and beautiful geoparks in China. The text, diagrams and maps are bilingual throughout. It is illustrated with more than 100 useful diagrams, maps and photos on China geology. These extensive illustrations will make the book enjoyable to read and useful as geology reference!
作者/譯者/編者: 曾慶田
出版社: 利高印刷有限公司
國際書號: 9789887458708
出版年月: 2021-08
開度: 210x297mm
圖書分類: 地理學(遊記)


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  • ISBN: 9789887458708