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有趣廣東話 2──自學流利廣東話(附CD) (Interesting Cantonese 2 ) (ADVANCED LEVEL) | 伍玉環 (SUSANNA NG)
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Model: 9789888027682
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Interesting Cantonese 1 (Beginner to  Intermediate level) 有趣廣東話 -初級及中級(附CD) | 伍玉環 (Susanna Ng)
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Model: 9789628872947
Complete with English Entries, Romanized Transcriptionsand Chinese CharactersCovers over 3,000 essential words, phrases and expressionsSimpleLivelyPracticalSystematic中文、英文、羅馬字拼音對照,條理分明囊括超過3,000個常用詞彙及句子易學易用即學即用活學活用..
HK$214.2 HK$238.0
A Glossary of Common Cantonese Colloquial Expressions | Simon S. H. So
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Model: 9789622019751
Cantonese has a wealth of colloquial expressions on various daily life situations which are very descriptive but not easily comprehensible to non-Cantonese. This book collects and compiles over 3,000 entries of the commonly-used ones and presents them with their English translations for English-spea..
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Lonely Planet Cantonese Phrasebook & Dictionary 7E | Chiu-yee Cheung ,  Tao Li
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Model: 9781743603765
Lonely Planet Cantonese Phrasebook & Dictionary is your passport to the most relevant Cantonese phrases and vocabulary for all your travel needs. Chat with locals along the Great Wall, ask for recommendations of Hong Kong's best night spots, and order local delicacies like a pro -all with your trust..
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Berlitz Cantonese Chinese Phrasebook | Berlitz Publishing
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Model: 9781780045078
Berlitz Phrasebook and Dictionary Cantonese Chinese   Compact, clear, and packed with key words and phrases to help conversation, this pocket-sized Cantonese Chinese phrasebook and dictionary from Berlitz's trusted language experts (with free app) is a trusty travel companion, and all you need..
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