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New HSK Mock Tests and Analyses - Level 6 | Chen Xiang
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Model: 9787513800860
This book is compiled by experienced HSK teachers based on the most up-to-date syllabus. There are five sets of HSK mock tests. This book provides keys and detailed analyses for each test. A MP3 including listening materials is attached in the book...
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Work On Your Phrasal Verbs(PML 3  Autumn ( B1 -C2)) | Jamie Flockhart , Cheryl Pelteret
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Model: 9780007464661
A workbook that introduces the most frequently used phrasal verbs in English and shows you how to use them effectively.     Collins Work on your Phrasal Verbs is a new practice book for learners who want to increase the number of phrasal verbs they know and be confident in using them. Each ..
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Cambridge Advanced Grammar in Use (3E)(with answers) | Martin Hewings
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Model: 9781107697386
Grammar in Use is the world's best-selling grammar series for learners of English. Advanced Grammar in Use with Answers, authored by Martin Hewings, is the first choice for advanced (C1-C2) learners of English. It is a self-study book with clear explanations and practice exercises, and has helped mi..
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Pronounce It Perfectly in English w/cd | Jean Yates
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Model: 9781438072807
ESL students, TOEFL and TOEIC test takers, and all others for whom English is a second language and who want to improve their pronunciation will find this book and compact disc combination especially instructive. The new edition presents many exercises that provide practice in every sound that is sp..
HK$214.2 HK$238.0
有趣廣東話 2──自學流利廣東話(附CD) (Interesting Cantonese 2 ) (ADVANCED LEVEL) | 伍玉環 (SUSANNA NG)
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Model: 9789888027682
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Sun Zi Says | Cai Xiqin
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Model: 9787802002142
The nuggets of wisdom uttered by the old men of the various ancient schools of thought have been compiled into this series. Explanatory notes and English translation are added for the benefit of both Chinese and overseas readers fond of traditional Chinese culture...
HK$47.7 HK$53.0
Vocabulary in Practice 4 with Answers (INTERMEDIATE) | Glennis Pye
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Model: 9780521753760
A series of handy vocabulary books aimed at busy learners who want to fit in some extra practice outside the classroom. Offering plenty of practice for vocabulary learners, these small and easy-to-carry books are ideal for busy people to use outside the classroom. All the words have been chosen usin..
HK$61.2 HK$68.0
A Glossary of Common Cantonese Colloquial Expressions | Simon S. H. So
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Model: 9789622019751
Cantonese has a wealth of colloquial expressions on various daily life situations which are very descriptive but not easily comprehensible to non-Cantonese. This book collects and compiles over 3,000 entries of the commonly-used ones and presents them with their English translations for English-spea..
HK$144.0 HK$160.0
A Practical Chinese Grammar(5th Ed.) | Sze-yun Liu、 Li Lin Shin、 Hung-nin Samuel Cheung
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Model: 9789622015951
Fifty lessons examining both structural patterns and morphological features characteristic of Mandarin Chinese. The book describes cultural idiosyncrasies in language use as well as gives discoursal strategies for forming sustained conversations...
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The New Oxford Guide to Writing | Thomas S. Kane
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Model: 9780195090598
Many books on writing tell you how to think more creatively, conjure up an idea, and how to express it clearly and elegantly. Many handbooks offer reliable advice on the use of commas, semicolons and so forth. But The New Oxford Guide to Writing does all three, so that no matter where you find yours..
HK$144.0 HK$160.0
Essential German Grammar | Guy Stern ,  E.F. Bleiler
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Model: 9780486204222
This is the first German grammar which has been specifically designed for the adult with limited learning time who wishes to be able to express himself with reasonable accuracy, yet does not wish to be burdened with archaic, highly literary, or seldom used forms. It covers the most important points ..
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A Practical English Grammar Low-PricedEdition  4E | Thomson, A.J.、 Martinet A.V.
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Model: 9780194313483
Thomson and Martinet's grammar reference book has become a classic, and one of the most widely-used books of its time. It is a useful source of reference for intermediate to advanced, and for teachers...
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