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Spillover: Animal Infections & the Next Human Pandemic | David Quammen
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Model: 9780099522850
Read this gripping, timely book about the transmission of deadly viruses from animal to human populations, and how we can prevent a global pandemic. As globalization spreads and as we destroy the ancient ecosystems, we encounter strange and dangerous infections that originate in animals but tha..
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This Is Your Brain on Sex : The Science Behind the Search for Love | Kayt Sukel
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Model: 9781451611564
Previously published as Dirty Minds: How Our Brains Influence Love, Sex, and Relationships. PHILOSOPHERS, THEOLOGIANS, ARTISTS, AND BOY BANDS HAVE WAXED poetic for centuries about the nature of love. But what does the brain have to say about the way we carry our hearts? In the wake of a divorce, sci..
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Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice
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Model: 9780007350544
From the author of You Are Awesome: Find Your Confidence and Dare to be Brilliant at (Almost) Anything       Essential reading for an astounding summer of sport; If you've ever wondered what makes a champion, Bounce has the answer.     What are the real secrets of sporting succe..
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Technology : A World History | Daniel R. Headrick
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Model: 9780195338218
Today technology has created a world of dazzling progress, growing disparities of wealth and poverty, and looming threats to the environment. Technology: A World History offers an illuminating backdrop to our present moment-a brilliant history of invention around the globe. Historian Daniel R. Headr..
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Human Body! | DK
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Model: 9781465462398
Do you ever wonder what is happening inside you right now?   See for yourself with this breathtaking book that takes you on a complete tour of the human body.  Jaw-dropping new computer-generated images showcase the many parts, organs, tissues, and systems that keep you firing on all cylind..
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Cosmos : The Story of Cosmic Evolution, Science and Civilisation | Carl Sagan
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Model: 9780349107035
* Spacecraft missions to nearby planets * The Library of ancient Alexandria * The human brain * Egyptian hieroglyphics * The origin of life * The death of the sun * The evolution of galaxies * The origins of matter, suns and worlds   The story of fifteen billion years of c..
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Black Holes And Baby Universes And Other Essays | Stephen Hawking
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Model: 9780553406634
Readers worldwide know the work of Stephen Hawking through his phenomenal bestseller A Brief History of Time.   In this collection of essays and other pieces - on subjects that range from warmly personal to the wholly scientific- he is revealed variously as the scientist, the man, the concerne..
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Guns, Germs and Steel - A short history of everybody for the last 13,000 years | Jared Diamond
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Model: 9780099302780
'A book of big questions, and big answers' Yuval Noah Harari, bestselling author of Sapiens   Why has human history unfolded so differently across the globe? And what can it teach us about our current crisis?   Jared Diamond puts the case that geography and biogeography, not race, moulde..
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Surely You`re Joking Mr Feynman : Adventures of a Curious Character as Told to Ralph Leighton | Richard P. Feynman
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Model: 9780099173311
Winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965, Richard Feynman was one of the world's greatest theoretical physicists, but he was also a man who fell, often jumped, into adventure. An artist, safecracker, practical joker and storyteller, Feynman's life was a series of combustible combinations made p..
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The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History | John M Barry
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Model: 9780143036494
“Barry will teach you almost everything you need to know about one of the deadliest outbreaks in human history.”—Bill Gates, "Monumental... an authoritative and disturbing morality tale."—Chicago Tribune  The strongest weapon against pandemic is the truth. Read why..
HK$153.9 HK$171.0
Mathematice for Electricity & Electronics 4E | Dr. Arthur Kramer
Model: 9781111545079
With its fresh reader-friendly design, MATHEMATICS FOR ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS, 4E equips learners with a thorough understanding of essential algebra and trigonometry for electricity and electronics technology. Well-illustrated information sharpens the reader's ability to think quantitatively, p..
Reality: A Very Short Introduction | Jan Westerhoff
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Model: 9780199594412
'What is real?' has been one of the key questions of philosophy since its beginning in antiquity. It is a question that, due to such films as The Matrix, has also made its way into popular culture. But it is not just a question philosophers ask. It is also asked by scientists when they investigate w..
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