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The Fourth Age : Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity | Byron Reese
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Model: 9781501191626
As we approach a great turning point in history when technology is poised to redefine what it means to be human, The Fourth Age offers fascinating insight into AI, robotics, and their extraordinary implications for our species.   In The Fourth Age, Byron Reese makes the case that technology ha..
HK$145.8 HK$162.0
The Astronomy Book : Big Ideas Simply Explained | DK
-10 %
Model: 9781465464187
Since the dawn of humankind, people have looked upward to the heavens and tried to understand them. This encyclopedia takes you on an expedition through time and space to discover our place in the universe. We invite you to take a journey through the wonders of the universe. Explore the cosmos, from..
HK$214.2 HK$238.0
Coding All-in-One For Dummies | Nikhil Abraham
-10 %
Model: 9781119363026
See all the things coding can accomplish The demand for people with coding know-how exceeds the number of people who understand the languages that power technology. Coding All-in-One For Dummies gives you an ideal place to start when you're ready to add this valuable asset to your professional reper..
HK$306.0 HK$340.0
The Periodic Table Book : A Visual Encyclopedia of the Elements
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Model: 9780241240434
Richly illustrated with over a thousand photos and dazzling details of the elements that make up the physical world.   Does your little chemist have questions about the stuff that everything is made of? This visual reference book covers each of the 118 elements and includes a glossy pull-out p..
HK$189.0 HK$210.0
Fluke: The Maths and Myths of Coincidences | Joseph Mazur
-10 %
Model: 9781780749006
What are the chances?! This exclamation greets the scarcely believable coincidence - you're picked up by the same taxi driver several years and thousands of miles apart or, in a second-hand bookshop far from home, you find your own childhood copy of Winnie-the-Pooh on the shelf. But the unlikely is ..
HK$126.0 HK$140.0
The God Delusion | Richard Dawkins
-10 %
Model: 9781784161927
The God Delusion caused a sensation when it was published in 2006. Within weeks it became the most hotly debated topic, with Dawkins himself branded as either saint or sinner for presenting his hard-hitting, impassioned rebuttal of religion of all types.   His argument could hardly be more top..
HK$134.1 HK$149.0
How the Body Works : The Facts Simply Explained
-10 %
Model: 9781465429933
This book takes you on the ultimate anatomical adventure around your own body, revealing how little you know about yourself in mind-blowing depth and detail.   As part of the best-selling How Things Work series, this biological bonanza uses dynamic graphics, simple science, and accessible text..
HK$188.1 HK$209.0
Ocean A Children`s Encyclopedia | John Woodward
-10 %
Model: 9780241185520
From the shimmering surface to the darkest depths, this breathtaking visual encyclopedia presents our blue planet as never before.   Stunning photography, accessible information, and fascinating facts are spilling over in this essential guide to the oceans.   Take a dip in all the world'..
HK$239.4 HK$266.0
SuperShark : And Other Creatures of the Deep | DK
-10 %
Model: 9780241185513
A jaw-dropping visual voyage of fun facts discovery exploring the deep waters of the sea and the mysterious creatures that live in it.   Uncover our oceans' secrets in this kid's book with a remarkable array of 80 sharks as well as other fascinating sea creatures that lurk in her depths! This ..
HK$229.5 HK$255.0
How Not to Be Wrong : The Power of Mathematical Thinking | Jordan Ellenberg
-10 %
Model: 9780143127536
The Freakonomics of math-a math-world superstar unveils the hidden beauty and logic of the world and puts its power in our hands   The math we learn in school can seem like a dull set of rules, laid down by the ancients and not to be questioned. In How Not to Be Wrong, Jordan Ellenberg shows u..
HK$145.8 HK$162.0
How Science Works: The Facts Visually Explained (How Things Work)
-10 %
Model: 9781465464194
How Science Works uses clear, easy-to-understand graphics to answer common questions and explain difficult concepts--not only the core science topics that eluded us at school, but also the cutting-edge science reported in the news.   Have you ever wondered how airplanes stay in the air, how ho..
HK$171.0 HK$190.0
The Science Book : Big Ideas Simply Explained (HB) | DK Publishing
-10 %
Model: 9781465419651
Discover 80 trail-blazing scientific ideas, which underpin our modern world, giving us everything from antibiotics to gene therapy, electricity to space rockets and batteries to smart phones. What is string theory or black holes? And who discovered gravity and radiation? The Science Book presents th..
HK$214.2 HK$238.0
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