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Origins of Life: What Everyone Needs to Know | David Deamer
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Model: 9780190099008
Our knowledge of our solar system has passed the point of no return. Increasingly, it seems possible that scientists will soon discover how life is created on habitable planets like Earth and Mars. Scientists have responded to a renewed public interest in the origin of life with research, but many q..
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Too Much Information: Understanding What You Don
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Model: 9780262044165
How information can make us happy or miserable, and why we sometimes avoid it and sometimes seek it out.   How much information is too much? Do we need to know how many calories are in the giant vat of popcorn that we bought on our way into the movie theater? Do we want to know if we are genet..
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Ocean! : Our Watery World as You`ve Never Seen it Before | DK
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Model: 9781465491473
Dive into our planet's largest and least explored world in this stunning encyclopedia of everything ocean - including whales, waves, wrecks, wind farms, and more!   Using 3D computer illustrations to show cross-section views and a level of detail you can't find in other books, this children's ..
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The Science of the Ocean : The Secrets of the Seas Revealed
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Model: 9780241415252
Dive into this uniquely elegant visual exploration of the sea   An informative and utterly beautiful introduction to marine life and the ocean environment, The Science of the Ocean book brings the riches of the underwater world onto the printed page.   Astounding photography reveals an a..
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Underland : A Deep Time Journey | Robert MacFarlane
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Model: 9780141030579
A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER   WINNER OF THE WAINWRIGHT PRIZE 2019 WINNER OF THE STANFORD DOLMAN TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2020   'You'd be crazy not to read this book' The Sunday Times   A Guardian Best Book of the 21st Century   The highly anticipated new book from the ..
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Evolution: What Everyone Needs to Know | Robin Dunbar
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Model: 9780190922887
Evolution is one of the most important processes in life. It not only explains the detailed history of life on earth, but its scope also extends into many aspects of our own contemporary behavior-who we are and how we got to be here, our psychology, our cultures-and greatly impacts modern advancemen..
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Amazon: What Everyone Needs to Know | Mark J Plotkin
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Model: 9780190668280
The Amazon is a land of superlatives. The complex ecosystem covers an area about the size of the continental U.S. The Amazon River discharges 57 million gallons of water per second--in two hours, this would be enough to supply all of New York City's 7.5 million residents with water for a year. Its f..
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Upheaval : Turning Points for Nations in Crisis | Jared Diamond
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Model: 9780316497183
Synopsis A "riveting and illuminating" Bill Gates Summer Reading pick about how and why some nations recover from trauma and others don't (Yuval Noah Harari), by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the landmark bestseller Guns, Germs, and Steel.   In his international bestsellers Guns, Ger..
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Super Simple Chemistry : The Ultimate Bitesize Study Guide
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Model: 9780241390450
A fantastic aid for coursework, homework, and test revision, this completely comprehensive guide to Key Stages 3 and 4, and the entire GCSE curriculum, makes chemistry crystal clear and will have you exam-ready in no time.     Each topic is fully illustrated to support the information, make..
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The Physics Book : Big Ideas Simply Explained | DK , Foreword by  Jim Al-Khalili
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Model: 9781465491022
How do magnets generate electricity? What is antimatter? Is time travel possible?   Discover the answers to these and over 90 other big questions that explore the most important laws, theories, and breakthrough moments in our understanding of physics - from the earliest civilizations to the 21..
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Trigonometry: A VSI | Glen van Brummelen
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Model: 9780198814313
Born of the desire to understand the workings of motions of the heavenly bodies, trigonometry gave the ancient Greeks the ability to predict their futures. Most of what we see of the subject in school comes from these heavenly origins; 15th century astronomer Regiomontanus called it "the foot of the..
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Getting Started with Coding 2E | Camille McCue
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Model: 9781119641629
Coding know-how is the coolest new tool kids can add to their creativity toolboxes?and all they need to get started is a computer connected to the internet and the lessons in this book. Easy!   The book offers fun step-by-step projects to create games, animations, and other digital toys while ..
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