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Biased | Jennifer Eberhardt
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Model: 9781786090195
Every day, unconscious biases affect our visual perception, attention, memory and behaviour in ways that are subtle and very difficult to recognise without in-depth scientific studies. In a single interaction, they might slip by unnoticed. Over thousands of interactions, they become a huge and power..
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Emotion: A Very Short Introduction | Dylan Evans
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Model: 9780198834403
Was love invented by European poets in the Middle Ages or is it part of human nature? Will winning the lottery really make you happy? Is it possible to build robots that have feelings?   In this Very Sort Introduction Dylan Evans explores these and many other intriguing questions in this guide..
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Making a Psychopath: My Journey into 7 Dangerous Minds | Dr Mark Freestone
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Model: 9781529106541
The closest you can get to the most dangerous minds.   Find out what truly makes a psychopath, from the leading expert who helped to create Killing Eve's Villanelle. Dr Mark Freestone has worked on some of the most disturbing psychopath cases of recent times - this is his extraordinary journey..
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Mending the Mind: The Art & Science of Overcoming Clinical Depression | Oliver Kamm
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Model: 9781474610827
'A tour de force . . . an important, affecting and effective book' ALASTAIR CAMPBELL   '[A] gorgeous and urgent book' STEVEN PINKER   'MENDING THE MIND reminds us that, despite our hazy understanding of depression, and despite the true horror of the illness, some hope for recovery remain..
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A Cure for Darkness : The story of depression and how we treat it | Alex Riley
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Model: 9781785039010
Boldly ambitious, deeply affecting, and magisterial in scope' Steve Silberman, author of Neurotribes   'Expansive and thoughtful, it illuminates the complexity and elusiveness of his subject' New Statesman   'A rich and generous picture of research into depression to date' Financial Time..
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