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The Art of Loving | Erich Fromm
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Model: 9781855385054
Since it was first published " The Art of Loving" has become a classic, inspiring thousands of people with its clarity and power. Erich Fromm, the renowned psychoanalyst, sees love as the ultimate need and desire of all human beings. In this book, he discusses every aspect of the subject: romantic l..
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Dreams | C.G. Jung
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Model: 9780415267410
Author, psychiatrist and scholar, painter, world traveler, and above all visionary dreamer, Carl Jung was one of the great figures of the twentieth century. A comprehensive compilation of his work on dreams, this popular book is without parallel. Skilfully weaving a narrative that encompasses all of..
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Flying Saucers : A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky | C.G. Jung
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Model: 9780415278379
Written in the late 1950s at the height of popular fascination with UFO's, Flying Saucers is the great psychologist's brilliantly prescient meditation on the phenomenon that gripped the world. A self-confessed sceptic in such matters, Jung was nevertheless intrigued, not so much by their reality or ..
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The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind | Gustave Le Bon
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Model: 9780486419565
One of the most influential works of social psychology in history, The Crowd was highly instrumental in creating this field of study by analyzing, in detail, mass behavior. The book had a profound impact not only on Freud but also on such twentieth-century masters of crowd control as Hitler and Muss..
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Aspects of the Feminine | C.G. Jung
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Model: 9780415307703
'Love is a force of destiny whose power reaches from heaven to hell.' So Jung advises while reflecting on 'The Love Problem of a Student', an essay contained in this volume. But it is not just love that Jung speaks of in this book. Taking as its theme Jung's interpretation of the feminine principle ..
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Psychology: A Very Short Introduction | Gillian Butler ,  Freda McManus
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Model: 9780199670420
Psychology is part of everyone's experience: it influences the way we think about everything from education and intelligence, to relationships and emotions, advertising and criminality. People readily behave as amateur psychologists, offering explanations for what people think, feel, and do. But wha..
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Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging | Sebastian Junger
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Model: 9780008168216
We have a strong instinct to belong tosmall groups defined by clear purpose and understanding - to 'tribes'. This tribal connection has been largerly lost in modern society. Combining history, psychology and anthropology, Sebastian Junger demonstrates that regaining it may be the key to our psychol..
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Psychological Types | Carl Jung
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Model: 9781138687424
Psychological Types is one of Jung's most important and famous works. First published in English by Routledge in the early 1920s it appeared after Jung's so-called fallow period, during which he published little, and it is perhaps the first significant book to appear after his own confrontation with..
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The Enigma of Reason | Hugo Mercier / Dan Sperber
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Model: 9780241957851
If reason is what makes us human, then why do we humans often behave so irrationally? Taking us from desert ants to Aristotle, cognitive psychologists Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber explore how our 'flawed superpower' of reason works, how it doesn't, and how it evolved to help us develop as social bei..
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Criminology: A Very Short Introduction | Tim Newburn
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Model: 9780199643257
Crime is big news. From murder to theft to drug gangs, crime and criminal justice affect the lives of millions of people worldwide. Hardly surprisingly, crime has been pushed high up the public policy agenda across the world. But how can we measure crime, or evaluate the effectiveness of preventativ..
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How Psychology Works : The Facts Visually Explained | DK
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Model: 9781465468611
How far would you go to obey orders? Why do many people - even some scientists - believe in miracles? Find out the answers to these questions and much more in this visual guide to applied psychology. Lying at the intersection of biology, philosophy, and medicine, psychology is at the heart of what m..
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Schrodinger`s Cat: And 49 Other Experiments That Revolutionised Physics | Adam Hart-Davis
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Model: 9781911130338
From Galileo's stargazing to quantum teleportation, from Newton's experiments with optics to the splitting of the atom, Schroedinger's Cat tells the story of natural science through fifty of its greatest experiments.   Featuring engaging writing and clear explanations, Schroedinger's Cat intro..
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