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Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction 2e | Manfred B Steger
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Model: 9780198849674
Very Short Introductions: Brilliant, Sharp, Inspiring   Anchored in the principles of free-market economics, neoliberalism emerged in the 1990s as the world's most dominant economic paradigm. It has been associated with various political leaders from Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Bill ..
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Mindf*ck: Inside Cambridge Analytica’s Plot to Break the World | Christopher Wylie
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Model: 9781788165006
'Please please please read Mindf*ck' - Richard Dawkins   What if you could peer into the minds of an entire population? What if you could target the weakest with rumours that only they saw?   In 2016, an obscure British military contractor turned the world upside down. Funded by a billio..
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Globalization: A Very Short Introduction | Manfred B. Steger
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Model: 9780198849452
We live today in an interconnected world in which ordinary people can became instant online celebrities to fans thousands of miles away, in which religious leaders can influence millions globally, in which humans are altering the climate and environment, and in which complex social forces intersect ..
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The Little Book of Politics
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Model: 9780241426432
This book is the perfect pocket-sized introduction to politics and political thought throughout history.   From the origins of democracy to Machiavelli's cunning statecraft, and from Rousseau's "social contract" to the American Declaration of Independence, Marxist communism, the dawn of populi..
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Anti-Social Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy | Siva Vaidhyanathan
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Model: 9780190056544
If you wanted to build a machine that would distribute propaganda to millions of people, distract them from important issues, energize hatred and bigotry, erode social trust, undermine respectable journalism, foster doubts about science, and engage in massive surveillance all at once, you would make..
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On Grand Strategy | John Lewis Gaddis
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Model: 9780141987224
'A training manual for our troubled times ... It makes sense of our world, but is also capable of beautifully crafted pithy historical judgements. ... It is a book that cares about liberty, choice and a moral compass, that warns against hubris' Roger Boyes, The Times   John Lewis Gaddis, the d..
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Nobel and Lasker Laureates of Chinese Descent: In Literature and Science | Todd S Ing , Keith Kwong Hung Lau , Hon-lok Tang ,  Angela T Hadsell , Laurence K Chan
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Model: 9789814704618
At the turn of the 20th century, the Boxer Uprising marked the culmination of a violent and tragic chapter in Chinese history. Out of the ashes of this calamity, scholarships funded by Boxer Indemnity and many others fostered some of the greatest minds in the Chinese modern era. This book celebrates..
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The China Questions: Critical Insights into a Rising Power | Jennifer Rudolph
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Model: 9780674237520
"Cuts through the cacophony of information, misinformation, and nonsense on China that circulates in our modern world to give us reliable answers to crucial questions... Should be on the shelf of anyone seeking to understand this fast-rising superpower." -Ian Johnson, author of The Souls of China..
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The Power of the Powerless | Vaclav Havel
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Model: 9781784875046
Vaclav Havel's remarkable and rousing essay on the tyranny of apathy, with a new introduction by Timothy Snyder   Cowed by life under Communist Party rule, a greengrocer hangs a placard in their shop window: Workers of the world, unite! Is it a sign of the grocer's unerring ideology? Or a symb..
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Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There | Rutger Bregman
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Model: 9781408893210
'Listen out for Rutger Bregman. He has a big future shaping the future' Observer   'A more politically radical Malcolm Gladwell' New York Times   'The Dutch wunderkind of new ideas' Guardian   In Utopia for Realists, Rutger Bregman shows that we can construct a society with visiona..
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The Crime Book : Big Ideas Simply Explained | DK
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Model: 9781465462862
Investigate 100 of the world's most notorious crimes, including the Great Train Robbery, the Lindbergh kidnapping, and the murders of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Were the perpetrators delusional, opportunist, or truly evil? Find out what really happened and how the cases were solved. Discover conm..
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Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of Flags | Tim Marshall
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Model: 9781783963034
For thousands of years flags have represented our hopes and dreams. We wave them. Burn them. March under their colours. And still, in the 21st century, we die for them. Flags fly at the UN, on the Arab street, from front porches in Texas. They represent the politics of high power as well as those of..
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