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Will | Will Smith ,  Mark Manson
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Model: 9781529124163
One of the most dynamic and globally recognized entertainment forces of our time opens up fully about his life, in a brave and inspiring book that traces his learning curve to a place where outer success, inner happiness, and human connection are aligned. Along the way, Will tells the story in full ..
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The Stranger in the Lifeboat H/B | Mitch Albom
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Model: 9780751584530
The stunning new novel from the bestselling author of global phenomenon Tuesdays with Morrie   Adrift in a raft after a terrible shipwreck, ten strangers try to survive while they wait for rescue.   After three days, short on water, food and hope, they spot a man floating in the waves. ..
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Arms and the Man, The Devil’s Disciple, and Caesar and Cleopatra | George Bernard Shaw
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Model: 9780198800712
The three plays in this volume are some of George Bernard Shaw's most popular and frequently performed works. They demonstrate the development of Shavian comedy and contain early formulations of his idea of the Superman, an extraordinary individual who catalyzes the evolution of mankind.   Arm..
HK$102.6 HK$114.0
Man and Superman, John Bull's Other Island, and Major Barbara | George Bernard Shaw
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Model: 9780198828853
Nobel Laureate George Bernard Shaw remains one of the world's most important and popular writers. His plays are regularly performed around the world, from the boards of Broadway and the West End to regional, community, and college stages.   The three plays selected here are widely considered t..
HK$83.7 HK$93.0
Fifty-Two Stories | Anton Chekhov
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Model: 9780241444245
'This beautifully produced edition collects, in chronological order, fifty-two of Anton Chekhov's short stories written between 1883 and 1898. It is a 'full deck', intended to reflect the diversity and inventiveness of the author's lesser-known fiction ... compelling and even graceful' The Times Lit..
HK$163.8 HK$182.0
Major Cultural Essays | George Bernard Shaw
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Model: 9780198817727
George Bernard Shaw's public career began in arts journalism-as an art critic, a music critic, and, most famously, a drama critic-and he continued writing on cultural and artistic matters throughout his life. His total output of essays and reviews numbers in the hundreds, dwarfing even his prolific ..
HK$139.5 HK$155.0
A Little History of Poetry | John Carey
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Model: 9780300255034
A vital, engaging, and hugely enjoyable guide to poetry, from ancient times to the present, by one of our greatest champions of literature--selected as the literature book of the year by the London Times   "[A] fizzing, exhilarating book."-Sebastian Faulks, Sunday Times, London   "Deligh..
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Playlets | George Bernard Shaw
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Model: 9780198804987
'These highbrows must remember that there is a demand for little things as well as for big things'   George Bernard Shaw was one of the leading playwrights and public intellectuals of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He helped propel drama towards the unexpected, into a realm where it m..
HK$102.6 HK$114.0
Political Writings | George Bernard Shaw
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Model: 9780198816591
A new collection of Shaw's major political writings presents an opportunity to reflect on his influential role as a public intellectual. At the forefront of economic and political debate from the 1880s to the 1950s, George Bernard Shaw was once the most widely read socialist writer in the English la..
HK$92.7 HK$103.0
Pygmalion, Heartbreak House, and Saint Joan | George Bernard Shaw
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Model: 9780198793281
Pygmalion, Heartbreak House, and Saint Joan are widely considered to be three of the most important in the canon of modern British theatre.   Pygmalion (1912) was a world-wide smash hit from the time of its premiere in Vienna 1913 and it has remained popular to this day. Shaw was awarded an Ac..
HK$102.6 HK$114.0
The Apple Cart, Too True to be Good, On the Rocks, and Millionairess | George Bernard Shaw
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Model: 9780198809944
The four dramas in this volume are some of George Bernard Shaw's most interesting plays. They stretch from 1929 to 1935 and coincide with the Great Depression, the intensification of the crisis of democracy that began after the war, and the rise of totalitarianism, all of which find expression in th..
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The Trials of Rumpole | John Mortimer
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Model: 9780241474433
'I thank heaven for small mercies. The first of these is Rumpole' Clive James   Horace Rumpole, the irrepressible barrister fuelled by cigars, Tennyson, steak-and-kidney pud and the cooking claret from Pommeroy's wine bar, is back for further misadventures. Amid an unfortunate and temporary do..
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