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Inspector Flytrap in the President's Mane Is Missing
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Model: 9781419709661
Tom Angleberger is the author of the bestselling Origami Yoda series, as well as Fake Mustache and Horton Halfpott, both Edgar Award nominees, and The Qwikpick Papers series...
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Heidi Heckelbeck and the Wild Ride(Heidi Heckelbeck #34) | Wanda Coven
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Model: 9781665911283
Heidi and Lucy Lancaster take their friendship on a wild ride in this thirty-fourth Heidi Heckelbeck adventure!   Heidi and her best girlfriend Lucy Lancaster are planning a road trip to the Wacky Wonders Adventure Park! There are water slides and wild rides and plenty of friendship drama as H..
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Scientific Discovery Vol 2 / Environmental Science
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Model: 4893156017208
4M Scientific Discovery Environmental Science Vol 2 Learn about the climate, weather changes and the greenhouse effect. Experience how water is filtered and purified. Be a planet scientist and explore more! Includes over 40 award-winning projects specially designed to instil scientific curiosity ..
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Green Science / Grow A Maze(Science)
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Model: 4893156033529
4M Green Science Grow-A-Maze Can a plant find its way through a maze? It sounds impossible, but just watch as plants wind their way through a maze that you design. It’s a-maze-ing! You can even watch the roots develop inside the transparent soil container. It’s a mini root watcher too.   in..
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STEAM Deluxe / Earth Science (US)
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Model: 4893156055385
4M Steam Deluxe Earth Science Learn the natural power of the Earth and experience the unlimited fun of geological science. Create a volcano, mine for mineral crystals and grow your own unique crystal collections.   includes back cover volcano mould x1 plaster mix x2 paint strip ..
HK$255.0 HK$300.0
Disney Pixar Toystory / Mould & Paint
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Model: 4893156062192
4M Disney Mould & Paint - Toy Story and Alien Create Toys Story characters' magnets or pins by using the mould, plaster, paints and brush included.   Item# 29545..
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Mould & Paint Animals
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Model: 4893156047755
Mould and paint the exciting wildlife animals and turn the finished creations into fridge magnets or badges.   This fun art & craft kit includes the moulds, plaster, paints and a brush.   Ages 5 and over...
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The Smartest Kid in the Universe Book 2: Genius Camp | Chris Grabenstein
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Model: 9780593433751
"Chris Grabenstein just might be the smartest writer for kids in the universe." —James Patterson   The Smartest Kid in the Universe goes to genius camp in book two of this action-packed series from the New York Times bestselling author of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library!   Jake McQu..
HK$85.0 HK$100.0
Disney Pixar Toystory / Kaleidoscope Making Kit
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Model: 4893156062208
4M Disney Pixar Toy Story Kaleidoscope Make your own magical Toy Story kaleidoscope! Use unique objects to create dazzling patterns.   includes Eye piece Eye oiece cardboard Mirrors Decorated Paper cone Object chamber Trinket materials Removable cover Item# 60804..
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Disney Spider Robot(Avengers)
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Model: 4893156062123
4M Disney Spider Robot Spider Robot scuttles up and down its string, like a real spider on silk thread. Cool! It cleverly changes direction at the top and bottom.   Item# 136716..
HK$136.0 HK$160.0
Green Science / Hybrid Solar Power - Robot Rover(Science)
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Model: 4893156034175
4M Hybrid Solar Engineering / Rover Robot This clever Rover Robot rolls along on solar power when the sun is shining. It can also be powered by battery when there is no sunlight.   Item# 116745..
HK$136.0 HK$160.0
Junior Explorers Small Format Flash Card : Short Words
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Model: 9781488943409
These fun flash cards allow your child to develop their word recognition skills by providing a wealth of ‘CVC’ (consonant vowel-consonant) words that cover common sound-spelling correspondences (what sounds match what spellings). Features images of common and familiar short words to build vocabulary..
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